Grand Champion: Jack’s Old South

 Because Jack’s Old South already won a spot for the Championship the PASS DOWN to REPRESENT BIG PIG JIG® at the World Championship will be: Rescue Smokers

  1. Bubba Grills
  2. Rescue Smokers
  3. Slapjo Mama Championship BBQ Team
  4. Smoke Shack BBQ
  5. Darton College
  6. Dixie Que
  7. Florida Boys
  8. Hog Heaven
  9. Jack’s Old South BBQ
  10. Southern Smoke BBQ Team
  1. Dixie Que
  2. Jack’s Old South BBQ
  3. Hog Rock Cafe
  4. Georgia Stars
  5. Bubba Grills
  6. Vienna Volunteer Fire Dept.
  7. Doc and Dicies
  8. Mac’s Smoke Shop
  9. Jack’s New South BBQ
  10. Hog Heaven
Whole Hog
  1. Jack’s Old South BBQ
  2. Dixie Que
  3. Smarr Cooking Crew
  4. Rescue Smokers
  5. Slapjo Mama Championship BBQ Team
  6. Biteback BBQ
  7. Jurassic Pork
  8. Lillie’s Q
  9. Vienna Volunteer Fire Dept.
  10. Bubba Grills


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