Whole Hog

10th: Bubba Grills
9th: Vienna Volunteer Fire Department
8th: Lillie's Q
7th: Jurassic Pork
6th: Biteback BBQ
5th: Slapjo Mama Championship BBQ Team
4th: Rescue Smokers
3rd: Smarr Cooking Crew
2nd: Dixie Que
1st: Jack's Old South BBQ




10th: Hog Heaven
9th: Jack's New South BBQ
8th: Mac's Smoke Shop
7th: Doc and Dicies
6th: Vienna Volunteer Fire Department
5th: Bubba Grills
4th: Georgia Stars
3rd: Hog Rock Cafe
2nd: Jack's Old South BBQ
1st: Dixie Que




10th: Southern Smoke BBQ Team
9th: Jack's Old South BBQ
8th: Hog Heaven
7th: Florida Boys
6th: Dixie Que
5th: Darton College
4th: Smoke Shack BBQ
3rd: Slapjo Mama Championship BBQ Team
2nd: Rescue Smokers
1st: Bubba Grills




GRAND CHAMPION: "Jack's Old South"

Because Jack’s Old South already won a spot for the Championship the PASS DOWN to REPRESENT BIG PIG JIG® at the World Championship will be:

"Rescue Smokers"